Attorney Elena Kareneva Simpson is a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association since 2003.
AILA is the national association of immigration lawyers established to promote justice, advocate for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy, advance the quality of immigration and nationality law and practice, and enhance the professional development of its members.

Some facts about our law firm

Elena Augustina Kareneva has been assisting Texas residents for over 15 years with their immigration needs. An immigrant herself, our founding attorney Elena Augustina Kareneva, understands all issues involved in the legalization process. our Dallas, Maui and Sofia (Bulgaria) immigration offices are well versed in immigration law and can provide competent representation to our clients, whether the clients are attempting to acquire legal status through a family or work petition or are applying for citizenship through naturalization, are pursuing a provisional hardship waiver, or facing a removal or deportation.

Why hire Elena Augustina Kareneva as your  immigration lawyer?

Elena Augustina Kareneva is a strong supporter of the Immigration Reform 2013 as she herself saw the United States as the land of promise, hope and freedom. Elena left Bulgaria in 1989 when her country was still under Communist rule. She came to the United States alone, with no family to help her, leaving all whom she loved behind, starting to live the American dream.  Elena was faced with poverty and lived for a year at the Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas.  

The immigration process is not an easy one and it requires the expertise and complete dedication and empathy of a legal professional. There is a lot of paperwork involved in the process and immigration issues are often times complex and slow moving.

You should be looking for an attorney who cares about your wellbeing and who intimately understand the system. Elena is not only an immigration lawyer who knows the laws but she has personally experienced the issues that arise for many immigrants coming into America for the first time. You would be hard-pressed to find a better or more efficient lawyer in Dallas, Maui or Sofia (BG) - for your difficult case.

Our Offices in Dallas, Maui and Sofia (Bulgaria)

Choosing to work with a Dallas or Maui immigration attorney may have a significant impact regarding the ease and speed with which your visa, green card or other immigration-related matter is handled. It may prove invaluable in the face of detention or deportation and is a necessity if you are seeking naturalization. At our firm, you can count on our professionalism and knowledge as we guide you through this often tricky process. Some of our particular areas of focus in immigration law include citizenship, deportation, representation in immigration court, representation in consular process and at consular posts across the world, provisional hardship waiver preparation, representation at USCIS immigration interviews, family visas, fiancé visas, employment-based visas, religious visas, TPS extensions and DACA applications. Recently - in November 2018, we opened an office in Sofia, Bulgaria, as we realized that there is a demand for professional representation of family and other immigration related cases and petitions. 

How about Deferred Action representation?

Kareneva Law Firm has the ability and resources to help clients with deferred action. In June of 2012, the Obama Administration passed a new directive that allows certain individuals to extend their time in the country for two years. Kareneva Law Firm is proud representative of over 2,000 young people who achieve the American Dream and are now holders of DACA work and travel permits.  Our law firm can help you determine whether you qualify, and assemble all of the appropriate forms and documentation to prove your eligibility.

What if the immigration issues are complex?

There are many complexities in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that are best dealt with by an experienced and professional immigration lawyer such as Elena Kareneva who knows how to navigate the bureaucracy often existing in federal agencies. Oftentimes, some of the circumstances surrounding a visa or immigration can be very stressful and require a legal and inter-personal skills to resolve the issue and chose the correct procedure for the optimum results.

You can breathe easier knowing that you are in the care of Elena Augustina Kareneva.

Although immigration procedures are complex and often times lengthy, our firm has the resources to overcome the barriers that are blocking your way in applying for the desired type of visa.

We have helped clients from 23 countries over the years to navigate the complexities of our immigration legal system. We will help you achieve the American Dream, just as it was made possible for Elena Augustina Kareneva and for millions of immigrants before her. We understand the stress that is associated with the immigration process and we vow that our clients would never receive anything less than our absolute very best effort. If you choose to work with Elena Kareneva, you can breathe easier knowing that you are not alone in your legal issues.

Feeling frightened, isolated and unsure of what your next step should be?

For this reason, you should put your case in the right hands of an experienced immigration lawyer. Schedule your first appointment with Elena Kareneva to get to know her and her staff first-hand.  If you chose to work with Elena Kareneva you can rest comfortably knowing that your future has been placed into experienced hands.

A bit of trivia about our founding attorney Elena Augustina Kareneva…

  • Our lead attorney and founder Elena Augustina Kareneva has over 16 years of immigration experience.
  • Elena Augustina Kareneva is herself an immigrant from Bulgaria and immigrated to the United States in 1989.
  • Elena Augustina Kareneva lived in a homeless shelter for the first year of her life in the United States.
  • In a pre-VAWA Age, Elena Augustina Kareneva was a pioneer in the support for VAWA as she was victim of domestic violence in 1990 and received her permanent resident status in 1993 based on extreme hardship.
  • Elena Kareneva received full scholarship to Texas Tech School of Law and graduated Cum Laude as Doctor in Law (Juris Doctor) in 1997.
  • Elena Kareneva worked as an Adjunct Professor at University of North Texas Business School and taught Family Law and Business Law for two years before she opened her own law firm.
  • Elena Augustina Kareneva and her husband Michael Patrick Simpson are proud parents of seven children.
  • Elena Augustina Kareneva is fluent in the Spanish language and she considers herself a proud member of the Mexican immigrant community and she is an active contributor to the Hispanic ministries at the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Dallas and Honolulu.  
  • Other languages: Bulgarian, Spanish, English

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